Paddling 101

Timing is Everything: Navigating the Surf Zone Based on Wave Frequency

The surf zone, where waves break near the shore, presents a dynamic challenge for outrigger canoe paddlers. Understanding wave frequency, the time interval between waves, is crucial for timing your maneuvers and navigating this area safely.

Mastering the Angles: Adjusting Course and Technique for Efficient Paddling

Understanding the angle of the waves is key to efficient and safe outrigger canoe paddling. Here's how to adjust your course and paddling technique based on wave direction.

Approaching Waves: Size and Shape Matter

When paddling an outrigger canoe, the ability to read and respond to waves is crucial for a safe and enjoyable experience.

Ocean Paddling: Reading the Elements

Understanding and respecting the ocean's dynamic nature is crucial. Wave, tide, wind, and weather conditions directly impact our paddling experience, influencing everything from our route planning to our paddling technique.