Lōkahi Shines at the Kawailani Long Distance Race✨

Lōkahi Shines at the Kawailani Long Distance Race✨
Kawailani Long Distance Race

Aloha Lōkahi ʻohana!

We are thrilled to share the exciting results from the recent Kawailani Long Distance Race. Our paddlers put forth an incredible effort and showcased the true spirit of Lōkahi, achieving outstanding results across multiple divisions.


🥇Traditional Iron Male 40+: The men's 40+ team (Jayson Antonio, Michael Hoenig, Tyler McMahon, Sal Nicosia, Greg Phillipy, Rufus Willett) battled fiercely and earned a well-deserved first place finish, second overall. Their determination and resilience were evident throughout the race.

🥈Traditional Iron Male Open: Our experienced paddlers in the iron division showed their strength and experience, achieving a second place finish. Their passion for the sport and dedication to training were truly admirable.

👏Traditional Iron Male Novice: We are incredibly proud of our novice paddlers who participated in their first long-distance race. They embraced the challenge with enthusiasm and showcased remarkable progress, finishing in 7th place, and 20th overall.

Kawailani Long Distance Race 2024 - Long Course

🥈Traditional Iron Female Open: Our women's open team dominated the race, securing a second-place finish with an impressive time of 42:51:83. Their powerful strokes and unwavering teamwork were truly inspiring.

🥈Traditional Iron Female 40+: Our women's iron 40+ team power through the race was commendable, delivering a second-place finish. Their competitive spirit and hard work were on display until the finish line.

Kawailani Long Distance Race 2024 - Short Course

Beyond the Podium

While we celebrate the podium finishes, it's important to recognize the incredible effort of every Lōkahi paddler who participated in the race. The dedication, teamwork, and sportsmanship displayed by all were truly commendable.


A huge mahalo to our coaches, volunteers, and supporters who made this race possible. Your unwavering support and encouragement are invaluable to our paddlers' success.

Looking Forward

The Kawailani Long Distance Race was a fantastic start of the 2024 race season for Lōkahi, and we are incredibly proud of our paddlers' achievements. We look forward to building on this momentum and continuing to strive for excellence in future races.

E hoʻomau i ka hoʻomaikaʻi! (Continue to strive for excellence!)