Lokahi Brings the Heat at the 7th Annual Uncle Eben "Handsome" Kala'au Preseason Race!

Lōkahi Man Crew (L-R) - Jay, Tyler, Rufus, Sal
Lōkahi Man Crew (L-R) - Jay, Tyler, Rufus, Sal

The Lōkahi Canoe Club paddled into the 2024 season with determination and grit at the 7th Annual Uncle Eben "Handsome" Kala'au race. This exciting preseason competition, held on May 5th , 2024, at Maunalua Bay, saw Lōkahi crews showcase their strength and team spirit across numerous divisions. Let's dive into their impressive results:

Long Course - 10 miles:

  • Unlimited Men's Open: Lokahi's Unlimited Open Men brought the heat, claiming a commendable 2nd place overall with a time of 1:24:28. This solid result, just seconds behind the leaders, demonstrates the crew's potential for a powerful season ahead.
  • Traditional Iron Man Junior: Lōkahi's Junior's Men put on an impressive show of experience and strength, grabbing 2nd place with a time of 1:34:43. Their podium finish highlights the depth of talent within the club.
  • Traditional Iron Man: Lōkahi's Iron Man crew showcased their teamwork and skill, securing 4th place with a time of 1:34:28. This consistent performance demonstrates their commitment to excellence on the water.
  • Traditional Iron Female: The Lōkahi Women's Iron crew demonstrated their strength and endurance, securing 4th place with a time of 1:43:50. Their perseverance and commitment to improvement were evident in their performance.
Maunalua Bay
Maunalua Bay - Long Course 10 mi

Short Course:

  • Traditional Iron Mixed Novice: Lōkahi's novice crew displayed incredible promise, securing a dominant 1st place finish with a time of 53:35. Their victory highlights the strength of Lōkahi's future generations of paddlers.
  • Traditional Iron Female Open: The Lōkahi Women's Iron Open crew exhibited grace and determination, paddling their way to a 3rd place finish with a time of 1:02:04. Their result underscores their dedication to the sport and passion for competition.

Beyond the Numbers:

Lōkahi's presence extended beyond the results. The camaraderie among paddlers, the cheers of support from the sidelines, and the overall team spirit embodied the true essence of Lōkahi.

With a successful preseason race behind them, Lōkahi is ready to make waves in the upcoming season. The club's dedication to training, teamwork, and sportsmanship was evident in every race they entered. We can't wait to witness their continued success!

Go Lōkahi!